среда, 21 мая 2014 г.

Himalayan Bear "Juvraj"


Meet "Juvraj" -  Black Himalayan Bear!

 Yuvraj was created from two furs - thick black mohair and golden silk mohair. He  is completely hand sewn. 
Stuffed with wool, polyfill and granules for weight.
His measures 11”  long  and is fully jointed (6–way joints).
He has swivel neck,  so his head terns in different directions.
Yuvraj has black glass eyes.
His nose is sculpted of polymer clay and painted.
Paw pads are thread sculpted. 
Yuvraj is carefully shaded by hand for natural looking .
This little Bear is  looking for a new home on eBay!
 photo DSC_6071_zpsabcb2cf9.jpg  

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