вторник, 22 апреля 2014 г.

Shiny – smiling Polar Bear!

Shiny made from soft white mohair alpaca.
Stuffed with polyfill  and granules for weight ("lifelike" stuffing).
His measures 12”  long  and is fully jointed (5–way joints).
The joints of legs and arms are loose and turn easy that's why the bear moves freely in your hands.
Shiny has open mouth that is thread sculpted from fabric without using polimer clay or needdle felting. Mouth and tongue are soft, hand-painted. Teeth are painted with acrylic paint so they are can not bite:)
Shiny has  black German Glass eyes.
His nose is sculpted of polymer clay and painted.
Black paw pads are needdle sculpted, waxed and painted. 
Shiny is carefully shaded by hand for natural looking .
  photo 4440DSC_5506_zps8938af74.jpg
  photo 4440DSC_5496_zpse233ae98.jpg

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